Who we are

Diamonds 4 U srl (D4U) is a family-run international group, which was established in Israel in 1960 and has been working in the diamond industry for three generations.

The company is a member of the World Diamond Exchange.
In 1980, the company entered the European market, consequently focusing on the Italian market.

In 2005, it opened its first logistics office in Antwerp, then another office in Rome in 2008, serving as a distribution center for the polished diamonds. D4U is a wholesaler (B2B) of diamonds in Italy and around the world.

Specialize in G.I.A. certified stones, and loose diamonds. Due to its presence in the diamond producing countries as a manufacturers of rough diamonds, D4U complies with the Kimberly process protocol, (i.e. - conflict free diamonds in accordance with the United Nations Resolution.)

A diamond producer since 1990, today D4U uses the latest technologies working with large and smaller stones in its production centers in Israel, India and China respectively.

It produces "excellent cut" of any stone size. For over 10 years, the company’s diamonds have also been mounted on a high quality Valencian jewels, which represent the best “Made in Italy”. D4U specializes in production of classic jewellery .The quality of the stones and the Valencian production guarantee en excellent product an all his aspects.